[2.x] TMDb TV Thread Starter 2.0.10

Started by Shadow, 09-26-2018

[2.x] TMDb TV Thread Starter 2.0.10
  09-26-2018, 04:22 PM
TMDb TV Thread Starter 2.0.10
XenForo version: 2.x | Demo link: N/A

[Image: screenshot_616.png]

TMDb TV Thread Starter is a plugin for XenForo 2 that allows you to enter the TV show ID or the entire link to a TV show in TMDb in your new topic, add any comments you like, and post a new topic. TMDb TV Thread Starter will import all the information for your TV show into the first post of a new topic.


[*]If desired, the title of a new topic can be called the name of a TV show.
[*]Automatically fills the top of the first message with a TV poster and information.
[*]Automatically displays a poster and information about a television show in the list of forum topics.
[*]Include information about the episode of the TV show in the answers.
[*]Checks duplicate TV shows and changes a new topic to a message in an existing topic, if it is found.
[*]What information is imported into the first post is selected by the administrator.
[*]Ability to search for a genre, creator and title in the list of forum topics.
[*]The information displayed in the list of forum topics is selected by the administrator.
[*]Select several forums as a TV show.
[*]Prize places for the launch of television shows.
[*]Create forums to discuss individual TV shows
[*]Create forums to discuss television episodes on TV shows
[*]Images can be stored locally or obtained from the movie database.
[*]Support for importing information for any ISO-639-1 language.

The TMDb API key received from the movie database website The server must have cURL

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