[4.3.x] IPS Gradient Theme 1.2.0

Started by Shadow, 09-07-2018

[4.3.x] IPS Gradient Theme 1.2.0
  09-07-2018, 06:01 PM
IPS Gradient Theme 1.2.0
IPB version: 4.3.x | Demo link: n/a

[Image: screenshot_1660.png]

Gradient Theme for IPS 4.3.x

A custom theme comes with many features and settings. Complete with a palette and 3 color schemes (dark and light color schemes included), the entire color theme scheme can be changed with a single click in the theme settings, which makes it very easy to switch between dark or light color versions or customize on them.
Some areas, such as the navbar and widgets, background colors of the theme's author, are controlled using gradient color options.

List of changes
Quote:-1.2.0: updated color schemes (dark, light, dark purple) (if you have not configured the colors, then after the upgrade, go to the Palette tab and click on the color schemes that you want)
-1.2.0: recycled Switches / forms / checkbox styles.
-1.2.0: The palette tab has been redesigned.
-1.2.0: change the navigation color settings.
-1.2.0: the editor's color setting has been moved to the form tab and switches. Moved all ipsMenu settings to the Title and Navigation tab.
-1.2.0: remote settings, (shadow icon, News creeping line border separator, quick search for border color and radius of border, indent widget, sidebar widget background).
-1.2.0: Updated the Swiper slider to the latest version.
-1.2.0: minor fixes.

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