Am I late to buy crypto

Started by kusal, 03-15-2021

Am I late to buy crypto
  03-15-2021, 05:04 AM
I'm a newbie to crypto. i like to know your idea about it. am I late to buy BTC?

  04-30-2021, 04:28 AM
yes BTC price is very high...but it took a long time to get here. if you want to see the same type of gains that BTC might be time to start investing in other projects that are new and get in early. yes its risky but im sure people took the same risk to invest in BTC when it first started and they held their position. no one can certainly predict where prices will you just have to understand risk

  04-30-2021, 09:01 PM
This the best time to buy. The price is a little low right now. By the end of the year you will have doubled your investment.

  05-02-2021, 06:52 PM
BTC is the superior asset of course is the perfect time to buy!. Fiat currencies has an expiration date because of inflation, also hyperinflation is around the corner for most countries.

My advice is to always buy small chunks of BTC every month without looking at the price but committing yourself to hold it long term = more than 10 years without taking profits. Is a matter of money management strategy rather than trading. The folks who applied this back in 2011 are millionaires today.

  05-08-2021, 04:44 PM
No one can really say but you should buy BTC when they're cheaper ofc, that's the best shot you got

  05-08-2021, 07:23 PM
I'll go with ethereum, you'll get my point soon!

  05-09-2021, 08:30 PM
The BTC hype train isn't over yet, but with more and more developments of cryptos that actually contribute to something there's much more chance that those 'novel' coins will blow up in the future to the current ETH price or even BTC price

  05-12-2021, 11:03 AM
You are not late at all. Just buy a small amount of BTC and convert it into an altcoin like Cardano or Polygon which are upcoming. You will surely benifit.

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