Started by Bluman, 01-02-2019

  01-02-2019, 05:15 PM
Without putting it too bluntly, I'd like to showcase my portfolio - It's a basic portfolio with PHP population scripts and various changing themes depending on the time of day and any big events throughout the year.

I'd include a list of websites I've created but almost every website I've created will be listed here.

A few festive themes which have been used:
[Image: fOBBrY3.png]
[Image: MQpNulU.png]
[Image: 2Xv4N0W.png]

  07-15-2019, 06:24 PM
Thank for sharing

it's okay .....
if you have any questions or comments on this page 

  07-19-2019, 02:37 PM
not bad but a bit samey. experiment more with different layouts.

  07-22-2019, 08:35 PM
Thanks for sharing, interesting idea to change theme based on time of day for user!

  07-31-2019, 07:57 PM
Not too shabby at all. Better than I can do.

  11-10-2019, 07:04 PM
Work in Progress but looks like it will come out right also loads fast

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