for found Null and unsure of how it works

Started by onemanorgy, 10-03-2020

0 for found Null and unsure of how it works
  10-03-2020, 10:45 PM
The largest rising occupation online is that of Music Producer. 

Beatshine is makng a killing right now. But 29.99 isn't worth it. It's in essence automation on a chrome extension < found this on github < have no clue about coding though.

I have a premium beatstars account to test this out on if you guys would like to further null it. Because I downloaded it and computer got rid of it immedaitely and I don't have a container at the moment.

Or If you would like to partner up and create our own Chrome extension, charge less than Beatshine as they're false advertising. Beatshine claims you're following a users followers. Beatstars doesn't publish their API, so me and a coder from fiverr figured out what's going. 

Beatshine scrapes producers or artists that have interacted with a target account. So say I tell it to start liking and following "Popular Producer X" it gos to popular producer x's page and scrapes people that have commentd on his beats and liked his tracks < as that's where Beatstars has public info.

Beatshine had only 20 downloads when I got it last month, now its over 100 and they charge 29.99 a month. With the right coder here, and my Savy SEO skills we could undercut Beatshine by half and crush the competition and make a quick 20,000 a month. 

I'm a producer, I have 1 major placement. I know the market, I know the game, and I know how valuable automation software and in this case (chrome extension) can be.

Here's last project I dealt with before I got effed over. 

[Image: s3E48zS]

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