CS or GTA?

Started by Chris777, 09-06-2020

CS or GTA?
  09-06-2020, 11:45 PM
CS or GTA? I guess you guys not stopping huh? that's awesome

  09-07-2020, 01:01 AM
GTA as in grand theft auto? two very different games, I prefer GTA

  09-08-2020, 10:29 AM
I love play GTA witch friend i vote in GTA !! NO cheaters CS...

  09-21-2020, 06:10 PM
i personally think that counter strike is much better team game in my opinion

  09-29-2020, 03:30 AM
I gotta go with GTA, it's more customizeable, moddable, and more fun when you just want to come home and relax and blow ish up. Counter strike is getting harder and harder to keep up with the kids that just AWP head snipe all day and live in their parents basement, trash talking all day. GTA is hyper-real, it's life on the next level, virtual reality GTA is gonna be slick.

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