Cloudflare integration through name servers (Siteground)

Started by JomoHoney, 04-17-2021

Cloudflare integration through name servers (Siteground)
  04-17-2021, 02:19 PM
I own a website and I have been using siteground for a year. Ever since I started using free cloudflare from siteground within settings, I have lost a lot of traffic and lot more alexa rank. 

I changed the name servers to siteground and then siteground activated cloudflare for me automatically on a single click. Now I am not sure But I am almost sure that the issue with the site SEO is due to this cloudflare integration from siteground.

Is there someone who can guide me on how to setup cloudflare properly using name servers change to cloudflare and then adding siteground ip address or name servers into cloudflare.

Best regards

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