(Crawlomatic), (WP Automatic) HELP: Willing to pay 5-10$ for help on scrape types

Started by onemanorgy, 10-12-2020

(Crawlomatic), (WP Automatic) HELP: Willing to pay 5-10$ for help on scrape types
  10-12-2020, 08:43 PM (Updated: 10-12-2020, 08:44 PM by onemanorgy.)
So I'm able to scrape with WP AUTOMATIC, and have scraped with Crawlomatic and I bought the product to get support < was wrong plugin to do that super complicated and not get results I need. 

I need to learn how to scrape pictures from imgur based on search< Problem I don't know where to get the IMgur Cookie id to enter cause they limit you on searching in the Visual Selector < and I'm not Scraping right.

After hiring 2 Foreign Fiverr sellers that claim to have used WP automatic and make you a automatic blog that posts articles.They didn't seem to understand WP Automatic much despite what they advertised and suggested I use other plugins.

Here's what I need

Scrape Ebay Products < I figured this out with WP AUTOMATIC < what's missing is the color and size taxonomies < which I downloaded Woocommerce add-on Pictures as Product options
Need to be taught how to properly do it with crawlomatic or WP Automatic

Scrape ALiexpress items < this one I havnt been able to figure out, I applied for reseller API to just post items. I need to learn how to scrape multiple products, find the cookie id, when posting as product use taxonomies of product variation of color and use images as product option just like in aliexpress

Scrape articles w/article photos and scrape related articles 

Scrape YouTube Video and post to wordpress

  10-16-2020, 03:28 PM
The dude that wrote and made Crawlomatic specifically blocked it from doing other things than grabbing texts. You can get images but, he owns, imguromatic, ebayomatic, alliexpressomatic. Told me Crawlomatic is not possible to scrape products, ohh but what do you know his Aliexpress scraper can do it for ALi, Ebayomatic for EBAY.

Shitty actually paid 41 to get some support. Didn't get shown anything really and left more confused.

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