DSLR vs Mirrorless

Started by firstandlasttime1a, 08-18-2020

DSLR vs Mirrorless
  08-18-2020, 06:59 PM
Does anyone have any experience with dslr or mirrorless cameras? I am thinking of buying one and am learning towards mirrorless because of its lighter weight and compact form factor. Milk 

Let me know if any of you have ideas or recommendations. Thx in advance. Pepeokay

  08-20-2020, 10:55 AM
Mirrorless by far! DSLR is soo old school and chunky. I got the A7III and it looks like a small toy next to my DSLR freinds but my pictures come out much sharper + vibrant.

  08-20-2020, 01:44 PM
I might be old school but i love my DSLR's. Mirrorless however have come a looooong way and I haven't personally kept up with them. Nowadays i'm usually working with cinema cameras

  08-20-2020, 04:59 PM
Mirrorless is future without a doubt but currently still rocking a dslr. Enjoy them while they last boys!

  08-20-2020, 05:54 PM
I love my T7i. Never had anything other than DSLR and dont see a reasaon to.

  08-21-2020, 05:09 PM
I am thinking of getting a Panasonic gx85. It is the cheapest mirrorless that I can find sporting good reviews. I figure best to get an entry one first, and then after a few years if I really get into photography I can get a better system.

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