Dbmovies auto update and more - help needed

Started by hdcinemaplus, 12-09-2021

Dbmovies auto update and more - help needed
  12-09-2021, 10:43 PM (Updated: 12-09-2021, 10:46 PM by hdcinemaplus.)

hello guys good morning.

I would greatly appreciate ANY assistance on your behalf...
basicaly i purchased a gig on fiver from a seller this gig was called " I will build you a movies and tv shows streaming website for passive income" . the seller promised 100$-300$ DAILY after 1 year and also promised to do SEO for 1 full year. he also said after 1 year he would take 15% of profits which led to believe maybe he is truthful.
Anyways the website was finished a 2 weeks ago but since then communication with the seller is BAD and I have spoken to another buyer we both think this whole gig was a SCAM. we also find more VERY suspicious things upon further investigation.
many onpage errors we told him and he fixed one by one, many questions he seems to be avoiding, many conflicts in what he is saying to us and so on..........
At first of course all reviews are 5+ stars (100 + reviews) but basically review system is flawed because people give 5 stars uppon gig completion and cannot follow up. and even now the seller has taken down the gig for some reason.
Anyways to my question... And sorry I am a NOOB and dont know anything about wordpress. sorry...
But, I can see the movies on my website did not update for a long time. The latest movie as far as I can see is from Oct 1st. I have just this one movie from october. since then no movies were updated until now. this is BS because on other websites i have found that are built exactly like mine there ARE later movies. of course when i asked the seller just yesterday he replied that the movies update once in a month and that will happen in January which is obviously a lie as we can see because more than a month has passed.
Anyways, What I can see now in the admin panel under "Dbmovies" is i get a message saying "Your key has reached the limit of activation. Send email to: [[email protected]][email protected][/email] to request remove this limit" - I CAN see the email but I have no idea who this is - this is not the email of the seller and ofcourse it is not mine. what is this email? who is this guy? it looks like a private email. I would have thought maybe the gig seller did not pay the manufacturer of the dbmovies and this should be a corporate email of a company I would need to pay to in order for this dbmovies plugin to work ?
also when i go to dbmovies settings tab -the second - "API Key for Themoviedb" - is green and ok.
but the first - "API Key for Dbmovies" - is red - "Your API key will give you access to all our services"
can someone please explain to me what this api key is? what it does? how do i get one?

And basically I would also appreciate ANY other assistance on this whole matter. any ideas? any thoughts? do you think i should contact Fiverr to try and get my money back? or should i give it a chance and try to pay other fiver sellers for seo and promotion? or am i naive?

any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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