Etherexchange - "Invest" to help

Started by Caltv93, 05-12-2019

Etherexchange - "Invest" to help
  05-12-2019, 04:39 PM
So its been a while since i've been online on here but i've been hella busy with business stuff and so on and decided to start an Ethereum Dex for ethereum and over 1000 tokens of there working on the ethereum blockchain and is accountless. BUT since i've hit a wall and need help from ethereum developer i would need some funding for the project (min $2000) to cover the cost so it can get started.

Thats why i let people who want to earn a bit more from their crypto do a lending and get the lended amount + 100% as a thanks back when the exchange is live and going. This offer will only be there to the exchange goes live.

What is ? is the next decentralised exchange for Ethereum and over a 1000+ tokens (honestly stopped counting). We want to build a big trust between the site and its traders and on the same time give back to the community in form of random giveaways to lucky traders depositing to random trading addresses in a form of 30% of the monthly site revenue with no limits so if the 30% happens to be one million dollars we would give it away.

Talking about trust everything is done on the blockchain so all your trades are safe and not reachable by the team nor reacheable on any of our servers and our website and node is two different servers so we can garentie that everything is secure at all time.

Do your website use accounts ?

We do not use accounts per say so you wont have to give us your email or anything, all you need is a Metamask supported browser (like brave) and Metamask installed since it will be the account of the website and used for depositing and withdrawel of fundings. That said we use Metamask for your security and because it surely is the best wallet for supporting all kind of Ethereum.

Will you use any sort of Tracking?

simply no, we beleive you have the right to be off the grid per say so we will not have any script that tracks IP's or any kind of information like that for your safety.

Can i invest into the website?

You sort of can, tho the investment wont give you a % of the company tho we will pay back the doubled invested with time so you can earn a little from the money you put into the project. You can also visit our website and just give a small donation with any of the widgets. (if you want to invest contact me on PM) Min investing in Crypto is $5 so i wont have a million $1 investments that just gonna be too much.

Crypto can be invested in

Bitcoin Cash
Ethereum Classic

Will you support different site languages?

Yes we will try to make the website as user friendly as possible and we will at start support English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and franch with future plans for Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Russian and perhaps German.

Future Development

We will use the site earnings too develop more secure exchanges and antihacking using blockchain open to everyone aswell other exchanges

I have a beer adiction help me pay it

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