Started by primeevilhax, 10-25-2022

  10-25-2022, 06:12 AM
Hey niflheim!

It's me again and im back with another black hat method. This method surpasses anything i have ever done before. With this method i have made $30,000 in less then
24 hours. I sold FREE gift cards that i got exploiting G2A.COM. I was able to sell these gift cards on Paxful for very cheap because it was all profit.

[Image: 31513-copy-jpg.3058]

I am not the creator of this method i purchased the PDF on a darkweb market for $5,000 and i decided that i have made enough money now i want
to share some with my friends and family on niflheim.

Here is the direct download link to the PDF tutorial

And if that link goes offline here are 2 back up links


Now what me and a few other people have been having the most success with is we use this timezone glitch or what ever you want to call it
to get free amazon gift cards. Then we take those gift cards and we sell them for 100% profit on the Paxful website. So [censored] easy guys.
Literally the easiest money i have ever made online in my life.

I am not the maker of this exploit nor did i write the tutorial pdf or create the video. I came across all this information by luck and
random browsing YouTube. Now ask me, is this dodgy? Yes it is. Does it seem to good to be true? [censored] yes it does. Well its probably a scam then?

Here's where your wrong. There's literally no possible way to get scammed doing this. Because you are getting something for Free. Your not sending
some random person money. You are dealing with Worst case scenario you [censored] up on the method and instead of getting your money refunded back
you just get the digital product you just ordered. OK well you can just take that shit right back to G2A and get your money back.

There is NO RISK in doing this. The only thing you are wasting is your time (i promise you this is legit and your time will be will spent here)

At the end of the day. What i really want is you guys to come together and work as a team to [censored] drain the pockets of these big corporate giants.
Just take a leap of faith and trust me on this one. Just this one time. But do it quickly now because this shit cannot last forever. How much
longer do you think G2A is going to stomach these financial losses? Especially now since Polygon aka "null" went public with this. Ill tell you...
Not much longer guys and this is gone for ever and you will be kicking yourself right in your ass for not doing it while you had the chance.

One more thing. If some asshole is randomly yelling out scam, scam... without even attempting the method. then that should probably tell you
everything you need to know about that guy. Don't believe everything you see on the internet. Even this is urge you to take caution. Read
these directions carefully. Then read them again. Until you understand exactly whats going on. Then you [censored] attack these bastards and
get your broke ass wealthy.

[Image: screenshot-02-png.3059]

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