Greetings from hell

Started by thefuckingdevil, 07-21-2020

Greetings from hell
  07-21-2020, 08:42 AM
Hi, Im new here. I normally not a very chatty person and I'm a lazy reader*! but always happy to contribute and help anyone and yeah for free. Nothing piss me off more than anything people trying to squeeze few coins or pulling a fast one or even charging for stuff they got free from somewhere else.. Anyhow... I'm not an expert on any particular field but I have had wet my beak in a lot of things so kinda wide and shallow understanding of things (im rambling). I'm kind of good at finding the easy way or shortcut or anything to avoid coding (I hate it! took me 5 years to graduate and I promised myself I will never gonna do it again.

So kindly ask anyone who come across this post (preferably a Mod or a veteran because *) the best way to share (again for free) stuff I have been hoarding and collecting I can host them also if anyone needs some space to share with the community got a boatload of storage at disposal. Guestimate 3-3.5 TB free space

Well i guess that was all

Hope to stick around seems like a cool place.

PS Over-sensitive, over-dramatic, over-opinionated I kindly and respectfully say Stay the [censored] away from me and kindly request to ignore me block me or something.

Bye now

  07-21-2020, 07:39 PM
Hello, thefuckingdevil, welcome to Nulled. It is very nice to meet you! If you need any help try The Lounge and Helpdesk, and you can also do a quick search of the site by pressing the letter 's'. Have a great week and be safe!

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