Hell 'o Everyone!

Started by Losco_Nosciuto, 08-25-2019

Hell 'o Everyone!
  08-25-2019, 11:08 AM
Sup gents' ?

I'm Chris, the most newscomer of newcomers!
I dug a little through the forums and found lotta of useful suggestions and stuff for page building. I am a new elementor user, and mostly I'm a new "local" web designer.
You know, the ones with 0 coding skills but who wants to get introduced into the local market of small activities and companies.

I cot a couple commissions, but then I discovered Elementor and how wonderful it was, so I decided to leave behind the traditional WP page editing and get into it knee deep.

I am also a self taught musician, mostly singer, but also Digital production (Nah, I really am NOT into any analogic device), and palying a little drums and guitar.

Oh, I am an avid gamer too, what people call a "Casual-Core Gamer".

That's me!

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