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Hie There

Started by tisquip, 09-29-2020

Hie There
  09-29-2020, 03:21 AM
Well, I'm new to this forum, hence the introduction I guess, but i'm also fairly new to development as well. My chosen stack or framework rather, is .NET and most people in the .Net community are so looking forward to November when .Net 5 is supposed to ship. 

I'm also treble at spellings, so as i'm posting this introduction, i can see loads of errors, but by the time I publish, i would have fixed them, but for a person who speaks two languages and English not being my mother tongue, I believe i'm doing fine. So that's a bit about me that's not dev related, although it does affect my development quite a bit, as I have to tell clients to please go over the content to check for any spelling errors and the like.

So i also don't think an introduction of myself will be complete without expressing my love and hate (its complicated) for Blazor (.Net single page framework), i'm loving it, but it can be so frustrating trying to figure out source of errors, as well figuring out how to do other things, since the framework is new and doesn't have as much documentation. I will end with this, to each their own right, when you are in the groove of writing what ever code you are writing, your platform or framework may feel like its the best.

So that's me - let me now read through this again and sort out these red squiggles from spelling errors - remember, my English

  09-29-2020, 05:23 PM
Hey there, tisquip, glad you joined the community. English is my one and only human language. I do speak decent html, css, php and c++, though, only decent. You should check out the other forums, and be sure to try the quick search by pressing the 's' key. Have a great week!

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