How do I look for people for a web project?

Started by Abraham, 01-29-2020

How do I look for people for a web project?
  01-29-2020, 02:33 PM
I have a very interesting web project in mind, but I have very basic knowledge about HTML, which is not enough to undertake the project alone, but I don't have the capital to pay for a professional service that makes it happen. Recently I was seeing an article in which they spoke that some programmers provide these services before charging any money, as long as they reached an agreement to recover the money with what the web generates.

The project I have in mind is very simple, everything can be created on one page, and does not require much design, it is practically a table with text and links. I may need a bit of PHP and it's the part where I'm not right-handed. I know I could do it on my own, but I don't know where to start looking to find out what types of codes I would need. The image below is a mockup that I made in photoshop and shows an example of the type of project I want, but it is not the project itself. As we can see, it is a list of links that people publish, and they can include several links for that person, but based on specific parameters... that is, they will have options to choose from, thus preventing them from publishing links that are not going With the theme of the web.

Other users can rate that link and earn points as in an exchange system by visiting those links and using the points to earn visits on their links. I KNOW THAT THAT CONCEPT EXISTS, that is why I do not want to give many details about my project, because it is an idea that I have not seen and I find it very interesting, and by buying points you can recover the money for the programmer.

But the question of my question here is:
  1. Do you recommend going to someone to program the web?
  2. Can I lose the idea?
  3. Is there any place where I can get that kind of people?
  4. How much would it cost if I had the money to pay someone?
  5. What advice would you give me?
[Image: Web%20Links.jpg]

  01-29-2020, 06:44 PM
Abraham from my experience as a web developer, it's quite tough to get someone to go out of fixed schedule to build one for free and hopefully share in the profits in future.
My story:
When I started freelancing, I had a good idea, and no skills or finance to execute. I approached a number of guys to help finance or create, the result was devastating, cz no one really wants to invest in an idea that has no guarantee to make any money... most guys want to invest in ideas that already have results and can have a profit trajectory... so I failed.

If you want to find a quick reply to this... visit freelancing sites like or or post a job and give as little away as possible... hopefully you can get someone to partner...

For me, I failed...

About cost estimates... It will cost you upwards of 500, but if lucky, you can get it at 150 if you post on job marketplaces.

Good luck.

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