How do Monitors with built in KVM switching work

Started by scorpioserve, 08-19-2021

How do Monitors with built in KVM switching work
  08-19-2021, 11:51 PM
I have been researching many monitors, and loads of them talk about a built in KVM switch so they can use a single keyboard and mouse.

My desk is littered with Mac Book Pros from 2012, 2014, 2015, and a new M1 Mac Mini, currently I have to use screen sharing to control the other macs which all have set tasks, 1 is a video encoding server processor, the other runs my accounts, invoicing, and about 6 mail accounts. So I do not need to use them all day, but for a few minutes many times a day I need to set tasks, and check progress.

Instead of screen sharing which is very slow even on 5Ghz WiFi, if I had a monitor with a KVM switch built in, then how does that somehow use a single keyboard and mouse to control that computer? I have not really seen anything that fully explains this in my research.

Anyone know, and can try explain it me please.

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