How to Make a Pride Emote for Twitch

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How to Make a Pride Emote for Twitch
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How to Make a Pride Emote for Twitch

1. How to Create Pride Flags in Adobe Illustrator
Step 1
Let's begin with the lesbian pride flag for our Twitch pride emotes! Create a New Document in Adobe Illustrator. We'll be resizing our final product as needed, so start with something around 800 px x 800 px or whatever workspace feels comfortable to you. Also make sure your document's Color Mode is set to RGB since we're creating content for a digital space rather than a print space.

Using the Rectangle Tool (M), draw a long, thin rectangle and fill it with a dark orange (#C33D1E).

Draw a simple orange rectangle.
Step 2
Copy (Control-C) and Paste (Control-V) this rectangle six times for a total of seven stripes. Select all seven rectangles, and choose Horizontal Align Center and Vertical Distribute Center in the Align panel. This will give you seven equal stripes.

Align the rectangles to form stripes.
Step 3
Let's give these stripes some color! Starting with the second stripe, the colors are as follows:

The lesbian pride flag with gender non-conforming orange stripes and pink stripes.
Step 4
Let's make the transgender pride flag! Once again, draw a rectangle with the Rectangle Tool (M). Copy (Control-C) and Paste (Control-V) this rectangle four times, Align center and distribute evenly.

5 evenly spaced stripes for a pride flag.
Step 5
The transgender flag colors are as follows:

The transgender flag featuring blue, pink, and white stripes.
Group (Control-G) the rectangles of each respective flag, and you've got yourself the start of some custom twitch emotes! Also note that this is the basis of simple striped pride flags. Not all pride flags are striped, but many are, with each stripe corresponding to an aspect of each community's identity. Check out some additional pride flags below.

Various LGBT+ pride flags
Above we have the 2017 redesign of the gay pride flag, the 2018 redesign of the lesbian pride flag, the transgender pride flag, the bisexual pride flag, the asexual pride flag, and the non-binary pride flag. Note the differences in stripe count and, in the case of the bisexual flag, the difference in stripe ratios.

If you'd like to use any of these other flags for your Twitch emote, check out their color breakdowns:

Gay Pride

Bisexual Pride

Asexual Pride

Non-Binary Pride

Pansexual Pride

2. How to Make a Gay Heart Pride Emoji for Twitch
Step 1
Use the Ellipse Tool (L) to make a simple circle. Copy (Control-C) and Paste (Control-V) the circle and make the two circles overlap slightly. Unite the two shapes in the Pathfinder panel. Use the Delete Anchor Point Tool (-) to delete the three lower center anchor points of your shape.

Make a heart from simple shapes.
Step 2
Use the Add Anchor Point Tool (+) to add one anchor point in the bottom center of the heart shape's path. With the Direct Selection Tool (A), pull this anchor point down to make your heart shape. Use the Convert Anchor Point Tool (Shift-C) to convert this anchor point into a sharp point. Drag the Live Corner to round out the bottom of the heart. You may also want to adjust the handles of the heart's side anchors for a fuller heart shape. This is entirely up to you! You're the Twitch emote maker and entirely in control of the look of your custom Twitch emotes!

Step 3
Place your finished heart shape over your lesbian pride flag. Select both objects (make sure your pride flag is Grouped (Control-G) together) and Make a Clipping Mask (Control-7). You may need to adjust the size of your stripes so they fit within the heart evenly. Play with this a bit, and don't be afraid to redo it if it's not just right the first time.
[Image: 2-03.jpg]
Step 4
Copy (Control-C) and Paste (Control-V) the clipped heart shape. Set the fill color to null and the Stroke to white (
) with a thick outline (mine is about 10 pixels) Aligned to the Outside in the Stroke panel. Copy (Control-C) and Paste (Control-V) this shape and set both the fill and stroke color to light blue (
). Place the white outline shape directly behind your pride heart and the light blue shape behind that one, offset a bit to make a simple drop shadow.
[Image: 2-04.jpg]
Step 5
Let's add some simple sparkles to your custom Twitch emote! Use the Ellipse Tool (L) to draw two small circles on your gay pride Twitch emote. I chose a light yellow (
), but you might want some other pastel color to add some sparkle and shine.
Select both circles and apply a 60% Pucker by going to Effect > Distort & Transform > Pucker & Bloat. Make sure to Expand your shapes under Object, and Rotate them a bit so the sparkles aren't so static.
[Image: 2-05.jpg]
Step 6
Now that you've made your pride emoji for Twitch, you may want to check out the How to Make Twitch Emotes tutorial for specifics on emote sizes, file types, and instructions on how to upload them to your Twitch channel.
Or you can continue with this tutorial and learn how to make some cute rainbow Twitch emotes!
[Image: 2-06.jpg]
3. How to Make a Rainbow Pride Emoji for Twitch
Step 1
OK, now it's time to make a very cute rainbow version to go with your expanding set of custom pride emoji for Twitch.
Take the transgender pride flag we made earlier and go to Effect > Warp > Arc to apply a Horizontal Bend of 100%.
[Image: 3-01.jpg]
Step 2
You may want to adjust the length of your warp object for a chubbier, more compact rainbow emote. When you're satisfied with the shape of your rainbow, go to Object > Expand Appearance to complete your rainbow.
[Image: 3-02.jpg]
Step 3
Use the Direct Selection Tool (A) to select the outer and inner bottom corners of your rainbow. Pull the Live Corners inward to round out the rainbow's corners to your liking. I opted for a 0.24 inch radius, but yours may be different if you're working with a different size object or if you just want more or less rounded corners.
[Image: 3-03.jpg]
Step 4
To complete your transgender flag rainbow for your Twitch emoji set, Copy (Control-C) and Paste (Control-V) your rainbow object, Unite it in the Pathfinder panel, and place the object behind your rainbow. Set the stroke and fill color to white (
) just like the lesbian pride flag heart we made earlier!
[Image: 3-05.jpg]
Step 5
Repeat the previous step with a light blue (
) fill and stroke, and just like the heart emote, place it behind the rainbow emote, offsetting it to the bottom right to create a simple drop shadow. Finish your custom pride Twitch emote with sparkles, as we did in Section 2 of this tutorial!
[Image: 3-04.jpg]
Great Job, You're Done!
Now that you know how to make your own gay pride emotes for Twitch, why not share them with us on Twitter! Don't forget to check out our How to make emotes for Twitch tutorial for full details on Twitch emote sizes, file types, how and where to upload, and more tips on making Twitch emotes.
[Image: final-pride-emote.jpg]

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