How to Mirror and Repeat Objects in Illustrator

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How to Mirror and Repeat Objects in Illustrator
  05-31-2021, 01:00 PM
How to Mirror and Repeat Objects in Illustrator

Step 1
First, let's learn how to mirror in Illustrator, and then I'll show you how to repeat a shape around a circle in Illustrator.

Select the Pen Tool (P) from your toolbar and create a simple path like the one shown in the first image. Fill it with your 'Yellow' color and then go to Object > Repeat > Mirror which will mirror your design, as shown in the second image.

mirror in illustrator
Step 2
Once you apply the Mirror effect, you will enter isolation mode, and you'll get a dotted axis between the two halves. You'll see three round handles on this line.

Drag the middle handle to adjust the spacing between the two halves, or drag the dotted axis if you want your halves to snap to the grid.

Drag the top and bottom handles to rotate or transform the mirrored half.

Once you're done editing the mirrored object, you can either press the Escape key or double-click outside your object to leave isolation mode. To edit a mirrored object again, double-click it.

edit mirror illustrator
Step 3
Once you create a mirrored object, you can double-click to activate isolation mode, and you can add more content.

Using the Pen Tool (P), create a simple path like the one shown in the following image and fill it with 'Border'.

edit mirror illustrator
Step 4
Continue to add more paths to your mirrored design, as shown in the first two images, and use your 'Yellow' and 'Green' colors to fill them.

Select the Ellipse Tool (L), create a 20 px circle, and place it as shown in the third image. Keep in mind that when your objects exceed the dotted axis, Illustrator will hide the overlapping part and mirror the left half of the object.

Step 5
Open the fly-out menu from the Brushes panel (Window > Brushes) and go to Open Brush Library > Decorative > Elegant Curl & Floral Brush Set. Select the 'Drop Down' brush to add it inside your Brushes panel and reselect the Pen Tool (T).
Create a 40 px vertical path, apply the 'Drop Down' brush, and set the stroke color to R=64 G=0 B=33. Place it as shown in the first image, and then add a second path as shown in the second image. Use the same brush, but make sure that you lower the stroke size to 0.5 pt.
[Image: MandalaDesign7B.jpg]
Step 6
Reselect the Ellipse Tool (L) and add the five circles shown in the following image to your mirrored group.
Now that you know how to mirror objects in Illustrator, you can continue this tutorial and learn how to repeat shapes in a circle in Illustrator.
[Image: MandalaDesign8.jpg]
Step 7
Before you continue to the part where you will learn how to repeat a shape around a circle in Illustrator, you can further stylize your shapes and apply some distorted brushes.
You can use this Shaky Inks Brush Set from Envato Elements. Click the Brush Libraries Menu button and go to Other Library to open the brush set, select 'Shaky_brush13' to add it to the Brushes panel, and then apply it to your shapes, as shown in the following image.
[Image: MandalaDesign9.jpg]
3. How to Repeat Shapes in a Circle in Illustrator
Step 1
To repeat objects along a path in Illustrator, all you have to do is go to Object > Repeat > Radial.
[Image: MandalaDesign10.jpg]
Step 2
Focus on the control panel where you can adjust the settings of your radial repeat. Keep the number of instances set to 8 and lower the radius of the circle to 160 px.
Also, click the Horizontal Align Center and Vertical Align Center buttons to center your design.
[Image: MandalaDesign11.jpg]
Step 3
Drag one of the two splitters to easily remove some instances from your design or drag the round handle on the circle to change its size.
[Image: MandalaDesign12.jpg]
Step 4
Use that round handle with the two arrows to easily increase or decrease the number of instances from your design.
[Image: MandalaDesign13.jpg]
4. How to Make a Repeating Pattern in Illustrator
Step 1
Finally, let's learn how to repeat objects in Illustrator. You can use again that 'Drop Down' brush to create the simple design shown below.
Select it and just go to Object > Repeat > Grid. For starters, you can use the two round handles with the arrows to increase or decrease the spacing between the grid elements.
[Image: MandalaDesign14.jpg]
Step 2
The spacing between grid elements can also be adjusted from the control panel.
Using the rounded rectangle handles, you can easily add more rows and columns to your grid repeat.
[Image: MandalaDesign15.jpg]
Step 3
To further edit a repeat grid, you can either open the Properties panel (Window > Properties) or you can go to Object > Repeat > Options.
In this panel, you can adjust the grid type, you can flip rows or columns from your grid repeat, or you can adjust the spacing between elements.
[Image: MandalaDesign16.jpg]
Congratulations! You're Done!

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