How to Use Photoshop Actions

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How to Use Photoshop Actions
  04-29-2021, 03:27 AM

How to Use Photoshop Actions
Here's a quick rundown for learning how to use Photoshop actions.
  1. First, Download and Install the action (.ATN extension).
  2. Follow any specific guidelines attached to the help file for which photos to use.
  3. Select your photo and Open it in Adobe Photoshop.
  4. Then Load the action into the Actions panel.
  5. Follow the steps included in the help guide. When you're ready, select the background layer and press the Play button.
  6. Let the action play out, and modify the result if necessary.
Step 1
Follow along below for the full tutorial on how to apply actions in Photoshop.
For this tutorial, we'll be creating a moody, saturated photo using this pack of Berlin Photoshop Actions. We'll also be using this beautiful Model Stock from the stock photo library of Envato Elements.
First, download the action and locate it in the right folder.
Right-click to Extract the contents from the Compressed ZIP file, and then locate the action inside—it'll be the one with the .ATN extension.
[Image: use_Ps_actions1.jpg]
Step 2
In many cases, a helpful documentation guide is also included.
Make sure you check out the help guide to understand which types of photos and formats you'll need. In this case, I'll need a high-resolution JPEG image in RGB Mode that is also completely flattened with no extra layers.
[Image: use_Ps_actions2.jpg]
Step 3
Now install the action.
Go to Window > Actions, to bring up the Actions panel. Then choose Load Actions from the dropdown options. Locate your Photoshop action from the right folder, and hit Load.
[Image: use_Ps_actions3.jpg]
Step 4
Once your action loads, just select one of the options from the Actions panel and press Play to see the effect.
For this particular portrait, I've decided to go with Berlin 4 Lite since it'll bring out the best qualities of this image.
Here's my final result.
[Image: berlinaction_final.jpg]

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