If you like to trade Crypto, you don't want to miss this

Started by LIBERH, 09-23-2020

If you like to trade Crypto, you don't want to miss this
  09-23-2020, 06:13 PM
Cat.trade (Crypto Algorithmic Trading)

Is a new gateway for trading, social copy trading and token with only 30 million supply. 15 million will be used for staking on nodes, so there will be only 15m available supply.

Manage Trades and Exchanges in one place
We can run all indicators, all strategies and all bots, across all exchanges in our easy to use CAT Trade Web App. Manage all your trades using our powerful features, and build your own dApps for all exchanges in just one place.

Build your own BOTs and dApps
We simplify algo and dApp creation by breaking strategies down into intuitive building blocks. With the introduction of our Oracle dApp builder you can save on Gas on a fast blockchain, fully compatible with the Etherium blockchain.

CopyCAT indicators & strategies
We make it easy for Traders to piggy back on the most successful strategies with just one click, and for Creators you can earn by making your strategies and oracles available on our Algo & dApps Marketplace

Algo & dApps Marketplace
Good work should be rewarded. If you have a successful strategy that you created using any of our automation tools you can post it on our marketplace for other members to purchase and benefit from. You can earn from helping others to succeed.

Oracle-based Order Matching Engine
Create oracle based orders on a fast gas free blockchain.


Who runs the nodes?
First of all, there will only be 300 nodes made available, with just 20 of those being retained by the company.
This means there are 280 public nodes have been made available which counts for the entire initial circulating supply of 15m coins, and there has already been huge demand for these.
Each node requires an individual or group to stake 50,000 CATX tokens to run a single node, but what exactly do they do?
The node provides validation of the actions on our own gas free blockchain. Think of it like this, Bitcoin has miners which use hashing algorithms that provide consensus on the network, and are rewarded Bitcoin in return.
CAT Oracle Nodes validate actions on the network to ensure that all oracle orders created contain genuine and fair information, but why is this important?
It’s important because anyone who buys CATX can create an Oracle Order, and an oracle order comprises not just market feed data, but also an executable action. For example “sell 1000 ethereum on x exchange for 500 USDT per eth” a total order of half a million dollars.
Under a centralised regime a lot of trust is required, for example what is to stop a centralised entity changing this order to “sell 1000 ethereum on x exchange for 50 USDT per eth” resulting in just 50,000 USDT, ten times less than what the order was intended to be.
This is where the nodes come in. Each node must validate the order that was created, if consensus is not met, then the order will not be executed. Without this it leaves the network open to spam from bad actors, and this is why it is so important, and why we need YOU now!
So what can a CATX node earn?
Nodes will earn an amount relative to the usage of the network. Let’s assume for example that the network is pushing 500 new oracle orders a day.
Each oracle order costs 4 x CATX units – not necessarily 4 whole CATX, but an amount divisible by 4 that is equal to the relative cost of ETH gas x 4.
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1 unit is paid to the oracle nodes at point of order
1 unit is converted to ETH for gas
2 units are held until the order executes, after which they are released to the nodes
Using the example above, that adds up to 500 x 3 CATX orders a day = 1500 CATX units divided by 300 nodes = 5 CATX units per day for each of the nodes.
Whilst this might not sound like much, keep in mind that CAT.trade provides automation tools, and has already traded just under $3bn since March 2020 across a small group of 700 active traders making an average of 4 trades per day, that’s 2800 orders a day that we are already pushing through centralised exchange partners – and those numbers are set to grow exponentially.
As the interest for the CAT.trade Protocol grows, the demand for both the oracles and the token grows, and whilst we may not have a crystal ball, we do know that the demand for decentralised exchanges such as Uniswap has exploded recently. Crypto news publication TheBlock reported that they grew by 57k users in July this year.

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