Injustice 2 vs Mortal Kombat XL

Started by firstandlasttime1a, 08-14-2020

Injustice 2 vs Mortal Kombat XL
  08-14-2020, 07:28 PM (Updated: 08-14-2020, 07:36 PM by firstandlasttime1a.)
So I just started playing these games, on the PC, with a Sony Dual Shock 4 game controller.  It's not that bad at all. I personally think Mortal Kombat XL is better, but I guess that is my personal opinion. I will say its story line is more polished than Mortal Kombat, but the game play mechanics in Mortal Kombat are superior, and that is probably because MK has been around for decades.  Though, considering Mortal Kombat X is 5 years old and Injustice 2 is 3 years old...they are both dated, but MK10 is less than half the price. Let me know what you guys think!

Mortal Kombat X

Injustice 2

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