Introduce myself

Started by lifeisbeatifulhoax, 11-29-2022

Introduce myself
  11-29-2022, 06:33 PM
Hello everybody, this post obviously gonna take few viewers, those who gets interested on the new members of course. Well i am new but not new when it comes to coding, networks, linux systems and tons other knowledge skills which i may as well refer them here but it will be a long list which, "who cares?", well i love these kind of stuff mostly security cuz security makes people feel safer and making people feel safer makes you feel better because you've done your mission, well that mission i'm telling you it never ends so people are never gonna feel safe, even if they do? They gonna surely have a problem ahead to solve someday and they are very quickly gonna lost their faith. Well there's much to say regarding me as i am trying to give as less information as possible because you know, privacy. That's all i can give, i hope it's enough. :)

  11-30-2022, 04:36 AM
hey i am umair and i am a student of wordpress and i am learning how to make website so i can do some extra work

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