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Move over GOOGLE, and AWS. DIGITAL OCEAN is coming in HOT!

Started by wordpressexpert, 08-30-2019

Move over GOOGLE, and AWS. DIGITAL OCEAN is coming in HOT!
  08-30-2019, 09:52 PM (Updated: 08-31-2019, 12:38 AM by wordpressexpert.)
I grew up on GoDaddy. I know! What a sad and terrible life. But it really was only up until about 4 years ago that I started doing more backend development with servers. At this point, I had no idea what root access was or, anything. Root access of course changed my life. If you've never used a command line, practice with one. Which would also be a great reason to have Digital Ocean, because you can get a 1GB RAM, 1CPU, 25GBSSD for $5 a month. You can't beat that. That little guy has enough processing power to run a command line with some stacks. Which are just languages, packages, etc. that you install for your server that your code will be using. 

The other cool benefit about Digital Ocean, if you don't need to have your server on, you can shut it off and it won't charge you. And before anyone comments about Google Cloud, or Amazon AWS; all I have to say is "save your money!" It's overrated, and very over priced. And here's the funny thing about both of their structures. The engine, instance or whatever they want to call it--the server--actually appears to be a very good price. It got me for awhile; but unfortunately, I wasn't thinking. I didn't take the time to look at how much their data out was. This is your bandwidth. I was so excited about the cost of the server that I didn't care about anything else. Well it ended up costing me a few days to migrate a huge app to a new server. To transfer out 1000GB, it was going to cost $120!! Just for the transfer out. You know how much transfer out (egress) you get with Digital Ocean's smallest package? The $5 one. You get... 1000GB of egress. So not only do you get a decent size command line server, but you also get to have 1000GB of egress. 

I went from GoDaddy (horrible service, would never recommend to anyone,) to Amazon, to Google, and then to Digital Ocean. GoDaddy, Amazon, and Google all had something very similar in common; and it was that I wanted to get out of their service as soon as I could. I felt a little defeated, and by chance my developer told me about Digital Ocean. I kind of scoffed at first, I was like, I've never heard of that company; are you sure it's not a kid with a computer in his basement? I had to eat my words. It was so clean, so organized, and everything was price very fair. They had server images that had specialty processes on them for any kind of server need! If you wanted to make your own virtual private network, then you could at a click of a button. They call their servers "droplets," so you just create a droplet, and choose the OpenVPN on Ubuntu OS and you just have to go through a couple short processes to get up and going. 

Every project that I take on, work on, and own, are on Digital Ocean servers. I will never go to another company. I want to tell you more about the benefits but I already feel like this is too long. Well, just really fast. They have clusters that they call "Kubernetes" these are to streamline specific tasks and help you run efficiently. If you're wondering what you'd use them for, you probably don't need them. Next up are the managed databases. They will manage, secure, backup, declutters, and do everything they can to make sure your database is always up, running and live! Volumes are just extra storage, but it should be known that all of their storage is SSD (Solid State Drive) and it really improves the performance of your server dramatically. The last main unit they have are called spaces, these are designed for large file system libraries: think YouTube. They run on a CDN (content delivery network,) to improve the delivery of these videos to the user by means of accessibility, caches, etc. 

Pretty much any of those processes cost either $5 or $10 at the base price. You are getting your money's worth for sure.

As for me, I used to be a C-Panel guy, but now I'm a Plesk guy. It has made my life so incredibly easy. It's UI is great, and it's actually nice to look at. It comes with Docker, standard SSLs for all of your domains for free, mail, and mail apps, premium DNS so that your site doesn't take forever to connect, and DNSSEC, which is the encryption for your DNS to prevent malware attacks. It comes standard with RSASHA256 2048BIT encryption. This is definetely something that you should try if you're not currently happy with your hosting provider. 

And for the last piece that I have here. I have an app that I run about 10,000 daily users on. My server costs me $80 a month. I used to have to pay Google near $800 for the same amount. What do I get for that $80? Brace yourself. 16GB of RAM, 6CPUs, 320GB SSD, and 6000GB of transfer!!!

I just want to compare that to the same product over at GoDaddy. This is their highest package. 8GB of RAM (so you're already down by half) and you get access to about 6CPUs, you never know because they could be helping other servers, so you could really run into problems there. You need that assurance that your server won't be overloaded. However, that isn't a problem with Digital Ocean. You just duplicate a server and load balance it. Maybe 3 clicks? The scalability is unreal! Oh, and the part you want to hear. That server at GoDaddy is going to cost you $139.99 a month! Sure, it has unmettered bandwidth, but they also only have 100mbps ports. That's like the internet speed at your home. While with Digital Ocean, all droplets are connected with 1gbps port access. That means 10x more traffic will be able to visit that server. 

And one last thing. My servers crashed at least once a week with GoDaddy. Sometimes they'd be down for hours. I have been with Digital Ocean for a LONG time, and they've only had maybe a flicker of downtime that I didn't notice. I am so beyond impressed and happy with this company. 

The ONE downfall. They do not have phone support. So you must write them an email, and then they will get back to you within 24 hours. That is the only downfall that I have with them. But I would take that over anything GoDaddy, Google, or Amazon have to offer anyday!

If you're new the backend, go and create a project, and then create a droplet. That is going to be your server. Let' s get you something fairly decent-------and this is just my opinion. This is the setup that I like. But you can research all the other options. I use CentOS 7 with Plesk 17.8. I think it's a fantastic pair. Now you should get something that will be able to handle installation tasks, and some traffic, so go for the $20, 4GB RAM, 2CPU, 80GB SSD build. This is what I use for the base development of all of my projects. If you don't know what the rest of the options are, you probably won't need them. The only thing you might need is more storage, which is called block storage. So if you need more room, make sure to add it there before you create it. 

Alright, that was a long chat. But I hope I was able to give you an idea of what this company is like. Have a great day! :) I have to go back to work, YIKES. I got carried away.

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