Multi-user form management system on Wordpress

Started by Kaowinn, 04-19-2021

Multi-user form management system on Wordpress
  04-19-2021, 12:26 PM
Hello people,

I would need help with a Wordpress project using Oxygen. I want to create a multi-user form management and tracking site.

There would be 4 roles: Admin (ADM), Manager (M), Assistant (A) and Controller ©.

The administrator (ADM) must be able to:
- Create an account (linked to his company)
- Import a list of employees
- Sort employees in groups (by building, by business unit, etc.)
- Add manager accounts (M)

A manager (M) must be able to:
- Create forms containing surveys or to-do list.
- Update forms over time
- Manage assistant accounts (A)
- Manage accounts that can access reports ©

An assistant (A) must be able to:
- access the forms
- see the list of employers to audit
- send for each employee a copy of the form
- start again every 3 months
- see the progress of the employee or a group of employees

The controller © must be able to:
- To be able to access the results
- Access progress graphs (by form, by question, by answer, by group, by employer)
- Generate lists based on employee responses
- Monitor the progress of employers

Thanks to Oxygen, I know how to create a dashboard, dedicated to an account (that of the administrator who represents a company).

But, I don't know how to offer an interface (front-end) to the Manager to create forms.

Did you know a plugin or a plugin set allowing, per user, to manage forms and reports?

I've been thinking about GravityForm of WPForm, but I'm not sure it works.

Thanks a lot for your help,

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