[4.3] IPS Community Suite 4.3.6 - FULL

Started by Shadow, 09-19-2018

NULLED [4.3] IPS Community Suite 4.3.6 - FULL
  09-19-2018, 04:48 PM (Updated: 01-29-2019, 10:05 PM by Shadow.)
IPS Community Suite 4.3.6
Release version: 4.3.x | Release type: FULL

Key Changes
This is a maintenance release to fix reported issues.

Additional Information
Core - Members & Accounts

Added ability to use bulk mail subscription status as a filter for group promotions.
Fixed profanity filters applying to account usernames during registration.
Fixed following a member not updating the follow button correctly.
Fixed filters when creating a bulk mail or downloading a member list not working in certain combinations.
Fixed inability to manually set a member's reputation count less than 0.

Core - Search & Activity Streams:
Improved performance of indexing content when using Elasticsearch.
Improved the phrasing of the description on search results page when a custom date range has been chosen to sound more natural.
Fixed some Elasticsearch queries not working on very high traffic sites.
Fixed an issue where content that had been restored after being deleted would not be reindexed correctly.
Fixed an issue with Elasticsearch where content that had been hidden or moved would not be reindexed correctly.
Fixed filtering by specific members when using Elasticsearch.
Fixed various issues with activity streams not behaving correctly.

Read all changes here -> https://invisioncommunity.com/release-no...eta-2-r80/


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