[4.x] IPS Community Suite 4.4.9 - FULL

Started by Shadow, 11-28-2019

NULLED [4.x] IPS Community Suite 4.4.9 - FULL
  11-28-2019, 03:19 PM
IPS Community Suite 4.4.9
Release version: 4.x | Release type: FULL

[Image: file-1548792191.png]

Key Changes
Version 4.4.9 is a maintenance update to fix critical issues reported since 4.4.8.

Additional Information

Added ability to search for members based on custom profile fields with type "Checkbox Set".
Improved the warning form to make it clearer when a preset action cannot be overridden.
Updated PhpUserAgent to 0.14.0 for 'Edgium' support.
Fixed an issue where duplicate quote/mention/embed notifications could be sent when editing content.
Fixed an issue where you could submit the form to update your profile information with no date set for your birthday, resulting in your form submission being ignored.
Fixed an unclear page title when searching for members.
Fixed a potential issue sending digests when cron is used to run tasks.
Fixed an issue with dates adjusting incorrectly when crossing over DST threshold in some areas.
Fixed an issue where some administrators may not be able to manage applications in the AdminCP in some permission configurations.
Fixed a MySQL 8.0.17 compatibility issue with the 4.0.0 Alpha 1 upgrade step.
Fixed an issue where attachment filename text could be edited in the editor.
Fixed an issue with status update pagination not appearing correctly in some cases.
Fixed profile photo uploads allowing you to upload more than one file without automatically removing the previously uploaded file.

Fixed an issue where draft entries submitted in private/closed clubs may not be visible by club owner or moderators.
Fixed an issue where club blog entries may not be visible to global moderators/administrators when they have permission to view all club content.

Removed trendlines from charts in the AdminCP to reduce confusion.

Fixed a situation where duplicate display names were allowed when checking out as a guest and the user was not prompted for their display name.
Fixed Stripe webhooks potentially reporting an error.
Fixed an issue with generating renewal invoices via the task system.
Fixed an issue where custom fields may incorrectly show up when checking out as a guest while quick registration is enabled.
Fixed a possible error when applying changes to subscription plans to existing purchases.

Fixed a styling issue for widgets not set to show on all devices in some cases on pages.
Fixed an issue where the sitemap could be stopped being rebuilt.

Changed categories in databases that do not allow direct record submissions to not output a "noindex" <meta> robots tag.
Changed database category sitemap files to include empty categories if they contain subcategories.


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