Premium Hosting with Custom Domain for only $20 a Year (no monthly payments)

Started by Abraham, 01-23-2020

Premium Hosting with Custom Domain for only $20 a Year (no monthly payments)
  01-23-2020, 03:22 AM
For those who start a new website, it is a bit difficult to get a cheap domain and hosting as your page grows. Today I bring you a tutorial in which we will only use $20, to buy a Hosting and a Domain with an .co extension, and that we can pay with both a Credit Card and PayPal, and that will last us for a whole year. The first thing we will do is buy the domain, and for this we will go to that will allow us to buy with PayPal, in addition to using a 25% discount.

[Image: 54-96.png]

As we see, the total purchase is $54.96, so we eliminate Privacy+Protection, and reduce Domain Purchase from two years to just one, and that will leave us a total of $6.99.

[Image: descuento.png]

You will ask us if we have a discount code, so we will write the coupon below:


[Image: 5%2024.png]

That coupon will leave us with a total of $5.24 for the purchase of the domain for one year. Now we will have $14.76, which we will use to buy Premium Hosting for one year. We will go to the page, and in the menu we look for the Premium Hosting option, and when entering we will be shown 3 purchase options:

Super fast SSD servers
250 GB bandwidth
5 GB of disk space
1 additional domain
1 free domain! *
The last cPanel with Softaculous
Super fast SSD servers
250 GB bandwidth
Unlimited disk space
20 additional domains
6 free domains! *
The last cPanel with Softaculous
Super fast SSD servers
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited disk space
Unlimited add-on domains
21 free domains! *
The last cPanel with Softaculous


We will choose the first option, which is an offer for those who start in the world of hosting and do not have much money. I personally use it for my web warez that you can visit here, and it doesn't give me problems. Here is a screenshot of the premium cpanel:

[Image: screenshot-sv78.ifastnet.com_2083-2020.01.png]

When we choose the STARTER option, it will take us to the next page, and we will choose the third option that says I will use my own domain and modify the names of the server, and we will enter the domain we bought previously, and click on USE:


Once we press on USE, it will take us to the next page and as we see the price is $20 and we only have $14.76 left:


So we will introduce another 29% discount coupon in the Promotion Code area:

COUPON: WeHostYou360

And we will end up paying a total of $14.19:

[Image: host%20final.png]

And that would be all, I hope it serves them for their projects and has saved them some money. If you have any questions, comment and I will clarify.

  02-05-2020, 03:05 PM
thanks for sharing dude........

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