[2.1] [8WR] Database Backup

Started by Shadow, 02-10-2019

RETAIL [2.1] [8WR] Database Backup
  02-10-2019, 05:47 PM
[8WR] Database Backup
XenForo version: 2.1 | Demo link: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/...ckup.6546/

[Image: screenshot_936.png]

Back by popular demand, is my backup system. I wasn't planning on releasing this one, but a lot of people asked me for it, since there weren't any other solutions for XF2. This addon will run a scheduled backup of your XenForo database.

Before you buy this addon however, you must be aware of a few requirements. This addon uses PHP's exec command to run MySQL's mysqldump command. If you're running off a shared hosting service, you may not have access to these powerful tools and be unable to use this addon.

Basic Features:
Automated XenForo database and file structure backup.
Ability to close forums during the backups process.
Define mysqldump and tar custom option flags.
Separate backups into multiple files or a single package.
Compress backups using Gzip, Bzip2 or Xz.
Backup history and logs viewable from the Admin CP.

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