[2.x] [AndyB] Delete Profile Posts 1.0

Started by protertech, 01-12-2019

RETAIL [2.x] [AndyB] Delete Profile Posts 1.0
  01-12-2019, 10:47 AM
[AndyB] Delete Profile Posts 1.0
XenForo version: 2.x | Demo link: https://www.xf2addons.com/resources/dele...-posts.77/

[Image: pic003-jpg.5494]

Download Free [AndyB] Delete Profile Posts Xenforo 2 Addon Premium Nulled

Delete profile posts.

Allows staff to delete all profile posts by username.
  • Physically deletes all profile posts made by username entered. Any profile post comments associated with that profile post will also be deleted.

  • All phrases start with deleteprofileposts_ for your convenience.
  1. Download Andy-DeleteProfilePosts-1.0.zip and unzip it.

  2. Copy the src/addons/Andy/DeleteProfilePosts directory to your server.

  3. From the Admin Control Panel Install the add-on.
How to use:

Enter "deleteprofileposts" after your forum URL:


Enter username and click Search. After confirming, click the Delete X profile posts link to delete the profile posts.

User Group Permissions:

Be sure to set the Administrative user group permission to Yes.

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