[3.8] Aimy Capture-Less Form Guard Pro 11.0

Started by PsychoDaleic, 10-13-2020

RETAIL [3.8] Aimy Capture-Less Form Guard Pro 11.0
  10-13-2020, 04:19 AM (Updated: 10-13-2020, 04:49 AM by PsychoDaleic.)
Aimy Capture-Less Form Guard Pro 11.0
Joomla version: 3.8 :: Demo link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5pr3hio...e=emb_logo

[Image: plg-aimy-captcha-less-form-guard-cfg.jpg]

Aimy Captcha-Less Form Guard 11.0

Aimy Capture-Less Form Guard is a user friendly way to protect your forms from spam bots and therefore improves the security of your Joomla! website. The system plugin is a Captcha alternative that does not require user action: It uses some well known anti-spam tests to decide whether the user is a human or a machine on form submission.

[Image: t1q76clg2oojnu2zg.jpg]

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