[4.x] Group Collaboration - FULL 1.4.8

Started by Shadow, 03-27-2019

RETAIL [4.x] Group Collaboration - FULL 1.4.8
  03-27-2019, 04:35 PM
Group Collaboration - FULL 1.4.8
IPB version: 4.x | Demo link: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file...tion-full/

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With group collaboration, members of your community are able to form their own groups, ranks, memberships and micro communities within the fold of your whole community.

Any group can collaborate to create, maintain, and manage its own content based on what you allow as the site administrator. Out of the box, you can allow groups to manage their own forums, galleries, calendars, blogs, downloads, databases, and more. You control all the permissions and limits.

Create any number of categories and subcategories for groups to operate in, and set permissions and limits for groups on a per category basis.
Move groups in and out of different categories at any time.
Customize what groups are called on a per category basis.
Set permissions for each category to determine which content types the group can use, how much they can use, what moderation permissions they are allowed within their group, who can view, create, and join groups in the category and more.
Group leaders can create their own roles within the group, assign any of the permissions they’ve been allowed to those roles, and assign roles to other group members.
Group leaders can set permissions on the content within their group based on the roles that they have created. All permissions for the content type are available.
Group leaders can decide how they want to manage memberships to their group. Groups can be set to automatically accept new members, queue members for approval, be invitation only, or closed altogether.
You can configure how many members a group can have total on a per category basis.
You can configure how many groups an individual member can create or be a member in on a per category basis.
You can configure how many groups members can own and be a part of on a sitewide level on a per member group basis.
Group members have their own member titles, ranks, and post counts within each group which can be customized by group leaders.
You can decide if post counts are added to the whole site post count or kept separate for the group on a per category basis.
You can create “group models” in each category which act as a base layout and content structure for new groups.
Group models can be used automatically, or you can give new group owners the choice as to which model they want to use.

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