[4.x] Staff Application Forms

Started by hmayotte, 07-17-2020

RETAIL [4.x] Staff Application Forms
  07-17-2020, 12:39 AM
Staff Application Forms
IPB version: 4.x | Demo link: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file...ct-us-etc/

[Image: acp-1.png.972b9e6da8e5e87dbee3f30d63224cf0.png]

Application Forms opens up a world of possibility for you and your community by designing, curating, and managing custom application forms.  Application forms can be designed from scratch with an infinite number of custom field types in over 20 different types, enabling you to fill any need you might have.  Let your community submit their application for your position, proposal, project, or idea!  
  • Do you want to harness the power of your community for brainstorming ideas?  

  • Do you want to run contests where everyone must follow the same guidelines?

  • Are you looking for way to interview new clanmates or members?

  • Do you require a background check on new staff members?  
If you need a way to ultimately manage user input in a methodical and orderly manner, then Application Forms is the best way to do it.  Instead of wasting your time with forum posts where users may or may not follow your posting guidelines, require and draft a custom proposal form where users must follow your specifications.
Buy Application Forms to build amazing submission forms! 
Application Forms features deep integration with native IPS functionality, giving you the design macro to let IPS power your custom field types:
  • Address

  • Checkbox

  • Code

  • Color

  • Date

  • Editor

  • Email Address

  • Member

  • Number

  • Password

  • Poll

  • Radio

  • Rating

  • Select Box

  • Telephone Number

  • Text

  • Text Area

  • Upload

  • URL
Other features include:
  • Unlimited number of Forms

  • Unlimited number of fields in each Form

  • View all submissions with ability to edit and PM member

  • Auto-link to new Forum Topic with ability to create poll for voting

  • Send a PM After form submission

  • Only allow members to apply once

  • Member benefits such as promoting membergroups and secondary membergroups
This application also includes support for the Rules App

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