[4.x] Steam Profile Integration 2.1.12

Started by Shadow, 12-22-2019

RETAIL [4.x] Steam Profile Integration 2.1.12
  12-22-2019, 03:20 PM
Steam Profile Integration 2.1.12
IPB version: 4.x | Demo link: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file...tegration/

[Image: image-612.png]

This app will obtain data from Steam for your users, and groups, and place it in your IPS Community database for use anywhere on your site. Your board will re-load your members Steam Online information, in configurable batches, every 2 minutes, so you always have up to date information without impacting load times of your community pages.

Out of the box, this app will display steam information in the following places

Member Profile
Next to Members' posts
Member Hovercards (Steam Online Status only)
Widget: X Random Online Steam Members displayed anywhere you can place a Widget
Widget: Steam Group information
More detailed information about the members Steam profile is displayed on the Members Profile page. Including an optional list of games the member owns. Out of the box the list of games can be shown in either an image grid layout, or list view.

Don't want to use Sign in With Steam? No problem, this app works with a Custom Profile field also. Want to use both a custom profile field AND Sign in With Steam? Not a problem, this app seamlessly pulls information from both locations to create a single list of users to cache.

Valid Steam Input format for Custom Profile Field:

Steam Name: ex. ' Aiwa '
17 digit Steam ID: ex. 76561197964468370
Old school Steam ID: ex. STEAM_0:0:2101321 ***
If there are any other places you'd like to see a users steam information displayed, let me know!

Scales seamlessly to work with larger boards without impacting site / server performance.

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