Ranking up in CSGO

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Ranking up in CSGO
  05-04-2022, 05:55 PM (Updated: 05-04-2022, 06:02 PM by Nullest0.)
Ranks Stadistics

Silver I 3.9%
Silver II 4.23%
Silver III 4.37%
Silver IV 5.21%
Silver Elite 6.44%
Silver Elite Master 7.78%
Golda Nova I 8.76%
Gold Nova II 8.79%
Gold Nova III 9.05%
Gold Nova Master 8.08%
Master Guardian I 7.55%
Master Guardian II 6.61%
Master Guardian Elite 5.24%
Distinguished Master Guardian 4.15%
Legendary Eagle 3.25%
Legendary Eagle Master 3.2%
Supreme Master First Class 2.64%
Global Elite 0.75%

Even though it is very easy to rank up in the CSGO, the algorithm behind it is not. To put it simply, the more games you will win faster, the more quickly you will be able to rank up.

Just as you had imagined or thought there is a lot more to the whole ranking up process than just this, here are the things that will influence the speed at which you rank up.

Teammate Ranking Matters a lot
The ranks of your teammates matter. This means that the lower their rank is, the more is elo of the games that you win. Elo is the value that defines your ranks.

Opponent’s Ranks
Your rank also gets a lot of power from your opponents. This means that if you play with people from high ranks, you will quickly jump from one rank to another as you win.

Being MVP Can Give You A Lot Of Advantage
We all love being the MVP of the game. Did you know that being the MVP in each game gives you lots of credit, and it upholds your position in the rankings? Well, now you do. Play that game really well the next time, and you’ll be on top in no time.

Match Score Difference
The score difference between the two parties, too, matters a lot. This means that when you win a game by 1-10, it will create a lot more impact than the one you win by 8-10.
With the help of the steps, you will be able to rank a lot faster in the CS GO gaming ranks.
Even though these tips and tricks are useful, these alone will not do the job. You will also need to improve your gaming skills to reach the higher ranks.
The best way to do that is to practice.
Practice makes a man perfect. This certainly does not mean that you go on playing one match after the other. It is always best to take some time between both the matches and relax before you play the next match to ensure a positive outcome.

Tips and Tricks To Help You Rank Faster (If You’re Stuck)
If you are stuck in a “rank plateau,” and you can not seem to move any forward, then these are the best ways to deal with a rank plateau and get yourself to the higher ranks.

1. Don't Play Alone
One of the best recommendations that we can give anyone is to play with your friends at a party because it is a great way to coordinate, and they genuinely would want you to win. Also, the chances of winning are a lot more.
Starting a solo game, especially in the start without a friend or a single friend, is putting yourself in great time danger with great grief waiting ahead.
By playing with your friends, you can be assured that each one of them has a microphone, and they’re willing to play in a team. You cannot know that with strangers.
While your friends are on the microphone, you guys can build strategies together which can be executed to win the game. Plus, its a lot more fun.

2. Don't Rush Into Another Game Right After Loosing
I said before it is always best to take a gap when you have lost a single game. Reflect on what happened and why you lost the previous game.
Do not jump into playing another game because you will be frustrated and pressured to win this time.
Ask yourself?
  • Are my teammates the problem?

  • Did you have a good weapon?

  • Were you rushing too much?

  • Were you aiming badly?

  • Is your internet lagging?

3. Keep You Map Pool Limited
Everyone on CS GO has a favorite map, and that is the map on which they can play better.
Our advice to you will be to play the same map over and over again if you wish to go higher in your rankings.
This is just a small thing that we can recommend to you, which will help you get out of that plateau you’re stuck in.

4. Practice Grenades And Master Your Aiming Skills
Even after a lot of practice, you will need skills to counter-strike your enemies or opponents. However, two of the most important ones among them are training your enemies and practicing smoke grenades.
Aiming is so important, it can have a huge impact on your gaming experience. There are many ways in which you can train your aim.
  • Joining deathmatch or FFA Servers

  • Practicing via aimbots

  • Retaking servers of different locations

5. Improve Your System Settings
Nobody can play it right if their equipment is weak, and changing your equipment or enhancing it can cause a great impact on your entire performance in-game.
Firstly, make sure that you have got HRTF enabled in your audio settings for better sound quality.
When it comes to the mouse settings, it works differently for everybody, but some settings can help you boost your game performance.
  • In CS GO, enable raw input. This lets mouse signals be directly sent to the game itself instead of other applications.

  • Try to get sensitivity to the lowest. Try to lower it by 0.01 until you find out what works the best for you.

  • A mousepad of good quality is also necessary for smooth gameplay.

Even though graphics do not render much to the entire settings and performance boost, some things can cause an impact.
  • Disabling Vsync or Wait for Vertical Stick in the CS GO graphical vertical settings.

  • Remove FPS settings in the graphics setting menu of CS GO.

  • Play full-screen mode.

  • Motion blur should be turned off

  • Multicore rendering should be enabled.

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Nice. Thx.

Trying to put a little more effort to rank up

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