Samsung / iPhone

Started by vovicek, 03-29-2019

Samsung / iPhone
  03-29-2019, 10:04 PM
What do you prefer? Samsung or iPhone?

  03-30-2019, 09:12 AM
I'm just a big fan of Android. I do use a Samsung, but I don't have any particular preference as long the phone is running Android. I would even use iDroid (an iPhone running a ported version of Android) if it's stable.

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  03-30-2019, 06:25 PM
iPhone = you look rich, but u got shit phone. Samsung = battery shit

  03-30-2019, 09:23 PM
Currently using Samsung S9 and I hate that after one drop, I now have a rattle sound while shaking phone due to optical image stabilization. Many of samsung users face this issue. It's annoying. But I'm still a fan of Samsung.

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  03-30-2019, 09:24 PM
I prefer samsung, cause root easier

  03-31-2019, 10:12 AM
I prefer Samsung phone any day over iPhone

  03-31-2019, 02:45 PM
iPhone because i always had it :)

  04-03-2019, 02:10 PM
I have an iPhone, however i'd choose android any day over Apple products.

  04-03-2019, 02:29 PM
Samsung only. Why? Android, better for Developers, more options and apple store sucks :P

  04-23-2019, 06:23 PM
Iphone is the best phone in all world....

  04-24-2019, 02:53 PM
None of the above. I'm into Android, but I do prefer oneplus or xiaomi. Samsung and Google Pixel are just too damn expensive on a level with iPoops.

  04-24-2019, 06:20 PM
i am using iPhone but i am thinking about switching to android

  04-24-2019, 07:11 PM
Iphone is the bestĀ , samsung is andriode it is good but iphone is iphone

  04-25-2019, 12:53 AM
I prefer iPhone, as I am more used to that by now. I have never used Samsung.

  05-01-2019, 11:53 PM
For me, samsung is more flexible for my activities. Cause many app is based on android. But, when i want to be a photographer, i think iphone is better. Clean and realistic camera made me forget my dslr :D

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