Store client data for use in forms

Started by dilligaf, 08-29-2020

Store client data for use in forms
  08-29-2020, 04:49 AM
This site has been invaluable for me to try out the full packages of plugins that claim to do everything, yet don't deliver the answer to my needs...

Project: Dog Kennel website

Allow clients to register onto the site - Easy and covered my a myriad of plugins

Allow clients to make online booking - Easy and covered by use of a quality forms plugin

Allow the client to STORE data related to their dog, multiple dogs and full work up, as in age, breed, food choice, vaccinations and other relevant data so it can be retrieved into any subsequent bookings, saving them from retyping masses of data, this 'could' also be stored in the users profile so they could make edit as needed.

The register and booking forms are easy, but the data storage is proving extremely difficult to manage, I also want to make sure that the final product is usable by the clients and the owners without needing recourse to support all the time.

If anyone has any ideas or thoughts it would be appreciated, I have spent hours installing/testing/removing things like ACF. PODS and other solutions, none of which so far provide a seamless method with clear understanding.

And TBH it could just be me bing a D*ck and not understanding the process, but even contacting one of the plugin developers only got me the response that "t can be stored in the users cookies"!!!  NOT what the plugin says it delivers Pepe


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