VBA and MS Excel

Started by snooper, 01-17-2020

VBA and MS Excel
  01-17-2020, 10:55 PM

As part of a loooong running head ache, I have been trying to learn VBA within Excel. Basicly I have a RFID reader that allows a card number be read and entered into an Excel cell easy bit!!

The idea being to construct a sort of clock IN/OUT page for a Youth training club IN/OUT or a hobby train meeting and were rides are made Start/Stop _ BUT also count the number of times this happens in a meet or day

Attached is where I am. But VBA is a monster I am stuggling to tame snooper.zip I have included as much as I can by way of where I am,

Ideas or even a solution, would be welcome

  07-27-2020, 07:17 PM
hi snooper, the file you attached links to a 3rd party.

i suggest you hit the mrexcel forums, found them to be really useful

in a general idea, you want a checkin/checkout for ID's - if you are building this from scratch, i suggest you have a ID, Day/Date column, and assuming someone can checkin multiple times a day, that you should maintain a macro/pivottable to search for the number of times an ID appears for a set date (that you can amend).
then have a different view of the data to show you a counter for the current day.
and finally you shoudl have somewhere you can manually add an entry, but keep a record of this - someone tailgates and forgets to checkout etc.

does this help?

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