Woocommerce dropshipping discussion

Started by eestlane, 11-01-2020

Woocommerce dropshipping discussion
  11-01-2020, 03:48 PM

I am starting a dropshipping business and trying to use Apidrop.com to add/remove products etc.
Does anyone have any experience with them ?

I am having a little issue which maybe someone can help me with.

When i add a product, apidrop adds retail price to it for my store. I can setup the percentage or some certain amount of money for the profit. All would be good, if it would add the shipping price to my warehouse aswell.
Atm if someone buys the product from my store, shipping from dropshipping warehouse to my warehouse is not included into product price.

Long story short. I need some plugin or knowledge how to add shipping cost to my product price automatically considering the weight of the product.
I want products to my warehouse and i will send them out from my warehouse to the client.

 I hope someone understood what i wanted to say.

Waiting for a feedback.

  11-12-2020, 06:57 AM
You can make shipping free and include it in your retail price. Or you can make shipping classes in woocommerce based on weight.

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