Wordpress Developer

Started by codepoet, 04-25-2021

Wordpress Developer
  04-25-2021, 02:42 PM
What skills and languages are necessaryssary to become a Wordpress Guru?

  05-02-2021, 06:11 PM
There are two ways.... with coding or without coding.

If you go with coding, learn PHP, Wordpress Core, Theme and Plugin development with HOOKS, some popular plugin codes and hooks usage and you are good to go. You may learn RestAPI and CLI for more advanced development.

If going without coding, Learn any of the page builders like Elementor, Divi, Oxygen, Beaver or even Guttenberg. The knowledge of different plugins is a must here, as your development and income will totally depend on knowing which plugins to use, as most features in these plugins comes with price tags. You can do small websites with free plugins but not large web applications.

  05-04-2021, 08:04 AM
@codepoet: I don't agree with remax. If you go without coding, please don't call yourself a WP Guru ;-) I.m.h.o. it takes a lot of understanding of the WP Core principles. But once started with PHP and JS, you will notice some fast progress. I'd suggest to learn by viewing source codes of other plugins first, develop your own coding style next (i.e. for plugin development I recommend the plugin boilerplate) and stick with that.

  05-05-2021, 04:34 PM
Agree with @remax dont' be afraid to learn, 'cause learning PHP + wp codex and plugin is just one the conseguence of the other one. So you learn php, you auto start learning codex and so on

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