ae plugins cracking (request)

Started by SedSatiata, 07-19-2020

ae plugins cracking (request)
  07-19-2020, 12:47 AM
hi everyone!
I use after fx a lot and was wondering which way to go to learn cracking plugins.

Right now I'm swamped trying to get the last (1.6.0) superluminal stardust plugin and being only to find it for windows, but not mac.
So I was checking inside and found a few files that I think if I can modify I could maybe crack it.
The files are inside the plugin, and this particular plugin has a file called ActivationFormCocoa.nib

So... I opened with sublime text (just to check whatever was inside) and found a lot of numbers that reminded me of the fork editor times back in 2005.

So I was wondering in that point, is the proper way to crack a plugin that, in this case, asks for a registration number that assigns you your own computer number in the after effects interface?

My logic is:

- If I open the editor and get the fork numbers, one of those numbers should be the check/match number that should also match my computer number, right?

I decided to stop at that point to check with you if this is the proper way to do so or if methods have changed and this would be a waste of time.

Back in my days I should only edit one of those line forks matching the superluminal url to plug the home cry (to check registration) into an endless loop. So it would basically nullify the registration process and get the plugin working as if it's registered 

Is it the proper way to do so or should I go another way? What are the most popular or unknown methods nowadays?
Please enlight me.

To check the plugin go to google, search for superluminal stardust and download the 1.6.0 trial.

Best regards to everyone around here.

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