how to earn $10 Easy Giftcards A Day (IOS ONLY)

Started by kmaradmin, 09-11-2019

how to earn $10 Easy Giftcards A Day (IOS ONLY)
  09-11-2019, 08:28 PM
Before we get started here i strongly recommend you have a ios device such as an iphone or ipad, the app is available for android but the coin earning potential is very low on android  [Image: sad.png]
But dont fear you can earn double the coins if you use your  referral code your Android  device.

I am running bluestacks on my pc and you can see my coins below
On my iphone 6s i have 5666 coins
For this i recommend you  have a jailbroken ios device it makes getting coins easier and also a valid Credit card number is a bonus so you can signup for trials to earn coins.
 You need to install a tweak called Local Ipa Store. This will allow you to make inapp purchases for some of the offers [Image: tongue.png]
All you have to do is download the app from the apple store 
And you get 100 coins added you your account.
Complete all the offers and you could get around 6800 coins (cost of a $10 giftcard)  or even more.
Next step is to wipe the phone and make a new apple id and start earning coins again
Hope yall find this helpful. i have been doinf this for a while and ive earned around $130 in about a month and a half.
I have more money making guides like this so make sure you hit that like and comment to tell me if it works or you need help.

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