how to fix MYSQL and APACHE service not running on Xampp?

Started by rochim1412, 09-04-2021

how to fix MYSQL and APACHE service not running on Xampp?
  09-04-2021, 05:51 AM

Have you ever experienced a sudden database of an application that was created offline using the Xampp Stop Service like the example in Figure 001, now for all of you who are experiencing or have never had it, it's a good idea to read this article until it's finished maybe at another time will experience it too hehehe...

To repair the MYSQL Service, follow these steps:

    Change the name in the mysql/data folder to mysql/data_old (can use another name)
    Create a new Folder Name in mysql/data (the folder contents are still empty)
    Copy the contents of the mysql / backup to the new mysql /data folder
    Copy all your database folders that are in mysql/data_old to mysql/data (skip mysql, performance_schema, and phpmyadmin folders from data_old)
    Copy all your database folders that are in mysql/data_old to mysql/data (skipping the mysql, performance_schema, and phpmyadmin folders from data_old)
    Finally copy the ibdata1 file from mysql/data_old and replace it inside mysql/data folder
    Start MySQL from XAMPP control panel

So, how are you friends, now the mysql service is running again, right?

[Image: apache%2Berror_xampp.png]
Fig. 002

Next, to fix the Apache Service that does not stop its service as shown in Figure 002 above, please follow the steps below:

    Look at the red text to find out what application is using the port commonly used by the APACHE service.
    After knowing the application that uses the port commonly used by Apache, there are 2 ways, the first is to uninstall/remove the application and the second is to stop the application service.
    The way to temporarily stop the application service is to open the task manager and select the services tab.
    Look for the application port where the info is from Figure 002, on my computer it will appear as shown below.

        [Image: taskmanager.png]
Fig. 003

        5. After knowing the apache port that is being used by other applications, it can be temporarily stopped by right-clicking the application service and clicking stop as shown below.
[Image: taskmanager_port.png]
[Image: taskmanager_off%2Bport.png]
Fig. 005

          6. Try Reopening Xampp. if all the steps have been executed then all xampp services will run as usual.
[Image: apache%2Bxampp.png]

Thank you for reading this article, hopefully it will be useful for all friends who are experiencing the same thing.

  09-06-2021, 09:39 PM
se agradece la información, muchas gracias por compartir, saludos.

  09-15-2021, 02:05 AM
are you trying to run wordpress locally?

just use localwp. its free and very easy to use

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