oh shit it's dat nerd

Started by viomi, 01-08-2020

oh shit it's dat nerd
  01-08-2020, 09:16 PM
Hey, nice to meet y'all. Name is Violet, I'm a sysadmin and cybersecurity nerd who has a history with programming. I love going dancing, raves, various substances, developing frameworks / back end, and theorizing about future architectures and hardware. I build computers and run a baremetal home server (recently running coreOS but now back on archlinux). I'm not really a web dev and tend to actually be rather terrible with visual forms of media, but a lot of my raver / furry scene pals here in Seattle really want their own forum and web-space to exist on.. so I figured I'd find the best community for resources and webdev help and here I am!

Some weird but interesting things about me:
  • I taught myself how to read when I was 3 so I could play final fantasy on my PlayStation
  • My uncle was a cybersecurity specialist and programmer, and got me Linux on my PS2 when i was 8
  • I learned C at the age of 10 modifying a Multi-User-Dungeon my uncle developed when he was younger
  • I do not have the capability of visual thinking, but I can play literally any song in my head I've heard at any point. This makes it really easy to sing, and oh boy do I love singing!
  • I took breakdancing, tap dancing and ballet as a kid. I really love mixing these forms of dance together to make something unique to myself.
  • I used to stream on Twitch (and probably will again as soon as I'm in my new place); I really enjoy playing videogames with others or for others
  • I can't snap my fingers
  • I've never weighed more than 95 lbs. (I really don't know what the [censored] is wrong with me ngl. I eat so [censored] much)
Looking forward to chatting with you and getting to know the community, feel free to ask any questions!

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