silmax33's Private Showcase

Started by silmax33, 01-03-2019

silmax33's Private Showcase
  01-03-2019, 08:08 AM
[Image: lossless.webp][Image: quality(80).webp][Image: 89cuoUOoIWEbWzbdTeC6qp;1050x750.webp][Image: 5QgzJlEUW66cEoHtvkvxI3;1920x1080.webp][Image: lossless.webp]

YOU can find more at
I upload everything I have there
Feel free to dm me if you need any projects done. 
First ones free :)

  01-03-2019, 09:10 AM
Mate all your images are borked

  01-03-2019, 09:23 AM
I'm gonna be quite honest with you, I don't understand

  01-04-2019, 11:51 AM
Not bad, how long have you been doing this. And if I can ask what is your expertise?

  01-04-2019, 03:09 PM
I've been doing this for about a year and a half. I don't really specialize in anything but I always use Photoshop, Sketchbook for tracing and drawing and sometimes cinema4d if I need some abstract images.

  01-04-2019, 03:49 PM
I like this silmedia one, looks very sleek and clean. Pepoclap

[Image: J8PdCI3.png]

  08-26-2019, 08:56 PM
LOOKS FIRE man keep it up

  09-07-2019, 03:55 PM
very nice job
i like it very much

  10-05-2019, 03:57 PM
I don't get the idea or concept???

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