tactically advanced champions

Started by joeeazy, 02-28-2022

tactically advanced champions
  02-28-2022, 08:21 PM
what are some tactically advanced champions, and by tactical i mean champions that require advanced gameplay compared to others

  02-28-2022, 10:18 PM
More or less all champs require an advanced gamplay,
Take tristana for an example QWER < Simple.
But knowing that E is 4 stack, W and R gives a stack.
3 stack + R = 4 stack with enemy flying back before explode.

Full stack, kill or assist = W Reset.

Now Advanced here would be position with W before a kill/assist and then Use W again to gain an upper hand.

Now for harder champs to play we have Rakan, Pyke, Bard and even Thresh, all of these require tactical and advanced gameplays for an ultimate play.

Vex, Twitch, Samira, Kalista, Zed, I mean i there aint really an "tactically advanced champion"
It's all down to how you play and what you should do to get the upper hand in the situation.

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